Video Teaching Messages

In addition to our in-person Gathering Circles on Sunday mornings, we are offering a video-based teaching experience for anyone to watch at any time. Our Sunday morning Gathering Circles offer a place to come together, engage with one another, and learn about the Bible. The video teachings will offer a way for anyone to benefit from these teaching experiences, whether they are in-person or not.

Currently, the Gathering Circle taught by Anthony Patton and Jess Ellis, entitled, Paul's Worldview: Paul's Misuse of the Old Testament in Romans, will be taped each Sunday and available online beginning Monday afternoons to view.


Latest Videos


Title: The Foundational Anchor Points to Genesis 1-12

Description: Understanding the significance of Eden, the Flood, and most importantly, the Tower of Babel sharpens the focus of our lens as we read the rest of the Bible.


Title: Correct Anchor Points To Reading the Bible

Description: We discuss several historic “Anchor Points” to reading the Bible that can lead to a “mis-reading” of the text.


Title: Saul to Paul - A Worldview Paradigm Shift

Description: This week we want to look beyond the familiar story of Paul’s conversion from our 21st Century worldview and consider the significance of his conversion in the 1st Century worldview. How did Saul move from wanting to crucify Christ to proclaim he was crucified with Christ? What impact did that single event have on moving God’s mission forward?