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At Greenville Oaks, we find that circles are better than rows. Community Groups are the best way for people to get connected with others at Greenville Oaks. They are crucial to ongoing spiritual formation and provide multiple elements for spiritual growth (fellowship, Bible study, prayer) in a relational environment that allows true community and caring to flourish. Members of a group experience acceptance, encouragement, and the opportunity to grow individually and collectively.

Read more about the different types of Community Groups below or view the Community Groups Brochure to find out about specific groups being offered. If we can help you find the group that is right for you, please complete the form at the bottom of the page.

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Connect Groups is the most common way to Do Life Together. Group participants, primarily Greenville Oaks members, share similar life stages or common interests and care for one another, encouraging spiritual growth and discipleship with one another.

Connect Groups meet together, often in homes, for a time of discussion-based Bible study, sharing concerns and blessings with one another, and praying together. They spend time serving others in our community but emphasize the sharing of life situations and needs so they truly know and care for one another.

Bible Study Groups regularly meet together to study the Bible and pray, often in gender-specific groups. They meet in homes, restaurants, or on the church campus.

Bible Study Groups focus studies around engaging topics, books of the Bible, or topics connected to a specific phase of life. They use books, workbooks, videos, or other resources as a framework for the sessions.

Discipleship Groups are for individuals or couples interested in deepening their walk with God through an intensive focus on spiritual transformation in a small-group experience. They build relationships that foster significant spiritual growth through transparency and authenticity which enables them to challenge and encourage one another. It creates deep levels of trust and confidence that empower transformation.

Discipleship Groups meet weekly at the church campus and challenge their members to spend time studying, journaling, or preparing between meetings. Groups can also get together in additional one-on-one interactions to explore how God is working in their lives. They begin at specific times of the year and last for a set period of time.

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Message Focus Groups meet for a 6-8 week period and have discussions around a special series of messages taught during Sunday worship. Groups are led by Greenville Oaks members who bring 4-12 people together for the weekly conversations. They talk about how the principles and practices impact their lives and faith journey. 

Message Focus Groups are the perfect place to invite friends, neighbors, and colleagues into an open, non-threatening conversation about faith-based topics. Groups can meet in homes or public places like restaurants, coffee houses, or workplaces. Groups are free to extend their time together beyond the designated 6-8 week period if they choose.

Support Groups come together to provide encouragement and support for one another through difficult challenges and seasons of life. Two different support groups, Celebrate Recovery and HOPE at Greenville Oaks meet weekly on Wednesday nights. Support groups are open to people 18 and older.

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Life is a whole lot better when you’re connected. When you connect with others relationally it provides an opportunity to grow spiritually.

A great way to get connected is by participating in a COMMUNITY group. Community Groups are small groups of people who live life together in community. You meet regularly, get to know one another, have fun, grow in faith, and share your relationship with Jesus.

Sometimes the hardest thing about groups is finding the right one for you.

Grouplink is held each Fall.

There will be free donuts and coffee to get you going and friendly people to visit with to help you better understand each group.

At Grouplink, you can meet people who are in different groups and talk with them about their group. You may be looking for a group that meets in the same general area of town, or you may be looking to get together with people in the same phase of life. Whatever you’re looking for, Grouplink is a great way to begin to discover the right group for you.

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