Inspiring People to Follow Jesus

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We see Collin County transformed by mentoring thousands to trade the pursuit of artificial success for the abundant life in Jesus.


God created us with the ambition to grow and succeed—to flourish and to be generous with our resources. Sometimes, our drive can turn into a striving that only delivers an artificial success and leaves us feeling empty. Sometimes our lives may look put together on the surface but are unfulfilling once you lift the veil. We have found that when our focus is on following Jesus, we experience a true abundance that brings meaning and fulfillment to our lives. We’ve set out to make Greenville Oaks a place where everyone is welcomed and loved, where hearts and minds are transformed—where God uses mentorship and discipleship to bring people out of a works-driven mindset and into the abundant and fulfilling life found in Jesus.

What We Value

We believe that God has given us a set of values through which we filter how we do ministry. As we focus on inspiring people to follow Jesus, we are compelled to be deliberate in what we prioritize.

  • Love First
    We love because Jesus loves us and every person on earth. Because God extended His grace to us, we extend it to those from every walk of life.

  • Combat Isolation
    God created us for a life connected with others. We are intentional about cultivating Godly, life-giving relationships with each other.

  • Equip Families
    As families grow in Jesus together, we serve as a partner—coming alongside them to support, encourage, and equip.

  • Demonstrate Selflessness
    We represent Jesus when we purposefully set out to serve others in our home, place of work, school, church, and community.

  • Celebrate Transformation
    As we love others just as they are, build healthy Godly relationships, empower families, and serve selflessly—we never cease to celebrate the life change that leads to the abundant life in Jesus!