Kevin & Lisa Vance

Greenville Oaks began working with Kevin and Lisa Vance in 2010. Their vision was to plant a church in the inner city of Regina, one of the most challenging neighborhoods in Canada, and spread the love of Christ to the First Nations peoples and their community. Their dream is to plant churches not only in Regina, but also in other locations in Western Canada that are ethnically diverse, reflecting the multicultural mosaic of the inner city. In addition to planting churches, their team is beginning to work on transformational community development which includes housing initiatives, education, and skills and job training, reflecting the holistic love of God for the poor. Together with others, Kevin helped start Esperanza Development Corporation, a non-profit company to spearhead the community development.

Kevin and Lisa, along with their three children, Kelly, Caleb, and Carissa, moved from their suburban Regina home to the inner city to live and serve in the community. The Vances are working closely with Mission Alive as their ministry grows and they reach out to the people in Regina’s inner city. Kevin has been in ministry for almost 25 years, having served as a pulpit minister, youth minister, and president of Western Christian College. Lisa works as a nutritionist at an inner-city health clinic.

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