#For Collin County

Grounded in our mission, vision, and values, Greenville Oaks is called to be a church that is FOR our community, family, friends, neighbors, and fellow residents. In a time when many people see churches for what they are against, we want to be a church that is known for what we are FOR… and we are #ForCollinCounty!

#ForCollinCounty is a month-long service initiative. During the month of March, look around in your neighborhood and community for ways you can impact others for good. Whether you have a neighbor who needs some help, a co-worker who has encountered difficult times, a server at your local restaurant who has been struggling, or someone in a bad situation whom you drive past every day, we challenge you to step up and help. We want to love our neighbors, serve our community, and BE the church where we live, work, and play.

The Challenge

  1. LOOK & PRAY

    Look around and ask God to show you the world the way He sees it. Pray that He will guide you into an opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus in your community. If you need help coming up with your own ideas, review the suggested ways to serve below or contact any of the Community Partners.


    If your idea is bigger than you can do your own, invite your family, Gathering Circle, Connect Group, or a group of friends serve with you.


    Time and money are often barriers that prevent us from doing things for others. Greenville Oaks wants to remove any barriers you might face. We are helping with the barrier of time by offering an entire month to focus on serving others. Also, we want to remove the money barrier by inviting our church members to accept $250 per household/family to use to carry out this initiative. The $250 is a one-time offering provided to each household/family by the Community Care (formerly Benevolence) Ministry. All we ask of you is to use the money to bless others AND for you to share the stories and pictures of your serving experience(s) with us at forcc@greenvilleoaks.org.

  4. DO

    So, step out of your comfort zone and step into the challenge to help those in your community. BE the church throughout Collin County. While serving, find ways to talk about why you are serving and how following Jesus has impacted your life. And…don’t forget to share your stories/pictures so we can celebrate how God has led all of us to demonstrate selflessness and love others.



Connect with any of our Community Partners, use one of the ideas below, or come up with your own ways to serve.

  • Babysit the kids of a single parent
  • Purchase and deliver groceries for an elderly person
  • Organize a special event/activity (and provide the supplies) for a local senior living community
  • Go to the store and pay for someone’s purchases
  • Offer to pay for meals at a restaurant
  • Offer to go to the store with someone who is seeing hard times to purchase items they need
  • Ask your local school counselor/teachers if they know of ways you can bless them or a student
  • Look through the neighborhood Facebook/NextDoor page for any situations or circumstances that would offer you a way to bless someone
  • Leave small gifts and sentiment at a neighbors house
  • Identify someone who is new to your neighborhood/community and invite them to your home
  • Gather your family, pray for God to reveal ideas to you, and make your own list of ways to serve others (be sure to schedule times to do the things on your list)