The Greenville Oaks Student Ministry is more than a place for middle school and high school students to hang out. We are a group of students and adult volunteers who are trying become more like Jesus. This year, we are trying more and more to be an ohana, or family. According to Lilo and Stitch, "Ohana means family. Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten." This year, we aim to work on ourselves and our group as an ohana, and as identifying as part of God's larger ohana. This year, we are focusing on two major goals: 

The GOSM is a place where students can be and belong


Our goal is that the Greenville Oaks Student Ministry is a place where anyone can come and be who they are. We want to be open and welcoming to any new guests, as well as to our current students. We aim to create a space and place for any and all to come as they are. And we aim to do this in the light of being created in the image of God, and being called into the family of God.


We also want for the Greenville Oaks Student Ministry to be a place where students can belong to. We want to create an a sense of connection, a sense of relationship, and a sense of belonging to this group, to one another, and ultimately to God.