God is good and He is working in Rwanda, Regina, Belize, Panama and Collin County. He is opening doors for missions that are yet to be fully explored. We are confident that he is working and has exciting and great things prepared for us.

2019 Mission Goals

The Mission Team invites you to believe in our calling as a church to impact our world for the sake of the Kingdom of God. We were struck by the idea that creation praises God and obeys Him and if creation does, we must as well for we are a part of creation. Singing the song "So Will I" reminded us that praising, proclaiming and going is what we do.

If creation sings Your praises, So will I
If the oceans roar Your greatness, So will I
If the wind goes where You send it, So will I

2019 Mission Brochure

2019 Mission Brochure

Read the 2019 Mission Brochure to learn more about:

  • Learn more about the strategies behind Missions at Greenville Oaks.
  • Discover stories about the impact of our long-term missionaries on the lives of people living in Kigali, Rwanda and Regina, Sasketchewan
  • Explore the experiences of Greenville Oaks members who have visited other countries during short-term mission trips.

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