GO Kids

Greenville Oaks Children's Ministry partners with families in showing the love of Jesus to and through our children.

Infants & ToddlersInfants & Toddlers
We provide a safe, loving and nurturing environment for babies and toddlers to learn about God’s steadfast love.
Our two-year-olds are divided up as Young 2s and Older 2s for Bible class.
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Our children will explore Biblical stories and concepts in a fun and engaging way that communicates to children at their level of understanding.
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We want our children to see they are a part of God’s incredible never-ending story as they look at the past, experience the present and know they are our future believers in Christ.
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GOCPGreenville Oaks Christian Preschool
GOCP provides a safe, loving, and Christian caring place for children to learn and grow, as well as have fun with friends and teachers.
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