About Us

The Greenville Oaks Church of Christ exists to seek all who need Jesus and together become His fully devoted followers.

We are not about adding a separate religious component to our already busy lives. We are not interested in “doing church” or putting a “check in the box” for meeting some religious obligation.

We are a community of people who, through all of life's ups and downs, are finding joy and hope in life now and for eternity. We strive to live lives that please God because we love Him and trust His grace - a grace that frees us from the burden of legalistic attempts to get everything right. We believe that a satisfying, meaningful life is based on an authentic relationship with Christ, and that relationship is available to everyone, regardless of background or life experiences. The Bible says, [God] made the entire human race and made the earth hospitable, with plenty of time and space for living so we could seek after God, and not just grope around in the dark but actually find him.
(Acts 17:26-27)

Our mission to seek all who need Jesus and together become His fully devoted followers is rooted in Jesus’ two most basic teachings:

The Great Commandment

Love the Lord your God and love others as yourself.
(Matthew 22:37-40)

The Great Commission

Tell others about Jesus and help them along in their spiritual journey.
(Matthew 28:19-20)

How We Get There

We recognize that our spiritual travel is a lifelong journey – we will not get there overnight. We will not get there alone – it’s a shared journey. In God's infinite wisdom, He established the church as a physical and spiritual community in which we learn to love Him and others. Throughout Jesus' ministry, He met people wherever they were in life and then helped them see God through their experience with Him. It may be hard to believe that God wants a close relationship with us, but the Bible says He is a God who is passionate about His relationship with you.
(Exodus 34:14)

Beginning a relationship with Jesus and becoming His fully devoted follower is a process of being spiritually transformed into His likeness. We make progress toward this goal by incorporating five biblical purposes into our lives. We connect as members with each other, grow and mature in relationship with Jesus, serve others through our ministry, share the love of Jesus with others as our mission, and honor and magnify God with our whole life.