Celebrate Recovery

Celebrate Recovery (CR) utilizes the teachings of Jesus and biblical principles as the basis for a process that helps people work through the things that can create such difficulty in their lives. While it can help those who are struggling with chemical dependencies or other addictive behaviors, it is not just for individuals in those situations. The truths that this process is based upon can help any of us deal with those things causing hurt in our lives, enabling us to recognize our hang-ups so we can move past them and overcome the unhealthy habits we have developed.

Celebrate Recovery Details

Days/Times: Wednesday evenings at 7:00 p.m.
Location: Teen Center (room 167) at Greenville Oaks [map]

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Childcare is available for children (ages 3-12) at no charge. Register children for childcare by noon on the Wednesday you plan to attend Celebration Recovery.

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Why Do We Need Celebrate Recovery?

The journey of life is one trip no one gets to go on without baggage of some kind. Not the stuff you buy in a store, but the residual effects of difficult or painful experiences we have had. They may have come as a result of someone else mistreating us or abusing us, whether it was intended or not. Or, we may have made choices and acted in ways that created hurts and heartache for ourselves, either on purpose or unintentionally. Or, the mental and emotional scars we carry may have happened through tragic things no one could control. Regardless of how we came to have them, these experiences have left us with hurts that can result in some real hang-ups and may lead to habits that are anything but healthy.

Just as the Bible clearly tells us no one is perfect or without sin, no one avoids the baggage that comes to us through our own failings or the failings of others. But, regardless of your particular situation or the stuff you struggle with, everyone is welcome at Celebrate Recovery. Whatever issues you may have, we invite you to come and join us as we allow God to show us the truth and give us the grace to work through them and be freed of whatever hold they may have upon us. Because we truly believe that through God’s power anything is possible. There is nothing so bad that it is too much for God. There is no one so broken they cannot experience healing. Rather, Celebrate Recovery provides hope for us all:

  • There is hope for healing from our hurts: The feeling of being hurt is an emotional reaction to another person’s behavior or to disturbing situations. (abuse, abandonment, co-dependency, divorce, relationship issues., etc.)
  • There is hope for healing from our hang-ups: Hang-ups are negative mental attitudes that are used to cope with people or adversity. (anger, depression, fear, unforgiveness, etc.)
  • There is hope for healing from our habits: A habit is something we do to avoid the pain or try to make ourselves feel better. (alcoholism, drugs, food, gambling, sex, shopping, smoking, co-dependency, etc.)

Jesus Christ is our Hope. Celebrate Recovery helps us experience His power in our lives!