Latest updates to our response to COVID-19

ReEngage with the Story

In a time of division in our culture, we need something to unite us. ReEngage is an intentional effort to inspire church members and new online attenders to engage (or reengage) in a growing, abundant relationship with God in a community of other believers. ReEngage in the pursuit of the abundant life in three ways:

  1. ReEngage with the Story of Worship
  2. ReEngage with the Story of Family
  3. ReEngage with the Story of Community


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ReEngage with the Story of Worship

We are shown and taught in the Bible to respond to God’s love and grace with worship, both personally and corporately.

Greenville Oaks is asking people to recommit to worship.

We will improve the value, appeal, community, and impact of our worship experience by:

  • Prepare to resume in-person worship in safe ways and returning to worship formats that are familiar and comfortable while providing quality worship options and environments that accommodate the spectrum of health & safety comfort zone in this pandemic and beyond.
  • Demonstrate selflessness by providing a place for safe in-person interaction for those who desire it while retaining quality digital worship experiences that support “unity through diversity,” an essential core of Greenville Oaks’ culture.
  • Celebrate transformation by sharing the stories of how people in our church are discovering the abundant life in Jesus.

ReEngage with the Story of Family

While families have spent more time together in quarantine, we understand that it has also created an overwhelming time for families who are dealing with the challenges associated with the pandemic: loss of certainty, disruption of community (work, school, church), isolation from friends and family, and financial repercussions. We understand how these challenges have made it difficult for families to focus on following Jesus.

Greenville Oaks is asking people to recommit to
leading their family to follow Jesus.

We will support you by:

  • Unifying our focus on a specific church-wide study so that our worship, classes, and groups for children, students, families, and adults are on the same page.
  • Equipping parents so that they can lead the development of the faith of their children, students, and families, partnering with Greenville Oaks through:
    • ReEngage for Children
    • ReEngage for Students



ReEngage with the Story of Community

Five months at varying stages of quarantine isolates us from one another. While technology has provided tools to help us stay connected, we understand the realities of Zoom Fatigue and sympathize with the desire to gather together.

Greenville Oaks is asking people to recommit to their community.


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We will support you by:

  • Creating additional options for groups to gather, either in-person or virtually, according to their comfort level with various meeting options.
    • In-person Reengage Groups at Greenville Oaks
    • Virtual Reengage Groups
    • In-person Reengage Groups that meet in homes or neighborhoods
  • Equipping existing Community Groups with tools and curriculum to support their group.
  • Providing solutions for groups that are not meeting due to their varying comfort levels with different methods of meeting.
  • Providing onramp opportunities for people who desire a group community but do not currently have a group.


ReEngage with The Story

During Reengage with the Story, Greenville Oaks will be using a curriculum called The Story, a unique Zondervan best-selling program, to provide a 31-week church-wide chronological journey through the story of God and his people for children, students, and adults in sermons, groups, and classes. When accompanied by reading through the five age-related books (The Story, The Story: Teen Edition, The Story for Kids, The Story for Children, and The Story for Little Ones), the entire church will be on the same page for 31 weeks.

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