Project Sightline is about updating and improving several spaces in the aging facilities at Greenville Oaks. The updates will not only make our building more inviting by creating more gathering spaces, but also make it safer, which is of utmost importance to our guests, especially those with children.

The driving motivation for Project Sightline is to better position Greenville Oaks to accomplish our Mission to “inspire people to follow Jesus.” Working within our building’s current footprint, Project Sightline will replace distracting barriers and difficult to secure spaces with hospitable, visually appealing, age-appropriate, and safer environments in which our guests can encounter the life-changing presence of Jesus among us.

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Make a Commitment





Over the next three years our goal is to raise most of the estimated $1.6 to $1.8 million dollar cost of this project. With enthusiastic participation from our church family, this plan can be accomplished without a large amount of additional debt.

As you seek to discern your level of support for Project Sightline, your church leaders ask you to commit to three simple steps.

STEP 1 – Pray
As you learn more about this plan, please begin to discern in prayer how God is leading you to participate.

STEP 2 – Surrender to God’s Direction
Take an inventory of your assets and lifestyle. Ask God to help you identify expenses you can delay or forgo to sacrificially support this project. Be open to God’s promptings. You may think you’ve arrived at a conclusion, only to have the Holy Spirit nudge you to reconsider. 

STEP 3 – Make a Commitment
Trust God and make up to a three-year commitment, beyond your regular contribution, to Project Sightline.


March 26

Announcement and
Campaign Launch
March 26 to
April 22
Prayer and
Discernment Period
April 23 to
April 30
Commitment Period
May 7
Celebration Sunday

Make a Commitment




  • Secure GO Kids space (Nursery – 5th grade) by adding access-controlled doors.
  • Create an immediately visible central child check-in and family resource area right off the front lobby.

  • Create a clear sightline and path from the front door to a new 980 square foot Children’s lobby and indoor play area.


  • Create a new gathering area on the north side of the main entrance area.
  • Improve the Café area.

  • Refresh and update the restrooms in the main foyer.
  • Create comfortable spaces in the north hallway for adult gathering circles and other meetings.


  • Reduce metal roof popping.
  • Provide better sightlines and higher quality images on screens.
  • Improve audio and video quality.
  • Increase stage space.


  • Replacing the current monument sign with a more contemporary, eye-catching LED sign.

  • Make our building more visible and recognizable by adding a large logo to the west façade.