You Move My Mountains Out of the Way

A few weeks ago, in preparation for the story of King David, I asked our Middle School students to write a Psalm of their own that is real, honest, and reflects their relationship with God.  What came out of that assignment was incredible!  King David led his people to worship God through his Psalms of praise and celebration, lament and despair, confession, pleading for mercy and forgiveness, and asking questions.  My hope in sharing this Psalm with you is that you will be led to worship God in whatever circumstance life finds you in today. 

You Move My Mountains Out of the Way

You are awesome, powerful and strong. 

You can move mountains out of the way. 

God, you are stronger than any super hero and you are real. 

When I need help, or I need a storm to go away,

all I have to do is pray to you.  

When I walk down the wrong trail, you turn me around.

I know I’m different from most people

and sometimes that makes me sad. 

I write different, I talk different and I walk different. 

When I say things,

even my dad tells me to slow down and speak English,

but you understand.

You understand me,

you know what’s bothering me and you know who I am. 

You make me feel better. 

You put pictures in my brain so I can draw.  

You gave me art and that makes me feel good,

because it makes other people smile. 

You move my mountains out of the way. 

I know when I’m having a bad day,

all I have to do is look at all of the good things you have done. 

You understand me. 

You move my mountains out of the way. 

Written by Corry, 8th Grade