The Worship Ministry works to plan, prepare, and present engaging and uplifting times of worship for the church family and community. Some of the ministries which serve this larger purpose include:


This ministry provides audio and video services for worship and other events that take place in the Worship Center, Fellowship Center or Teen Center. Volunteers will spend 2-3 hours in training and then work in the A/V booth running sound and/or advancing slides on Sunday mornings during worship services. Volunteers will need to arrive early on Sunday mornings for sound and video check.

Serving Opportunities

  • Run audio for a cappella service
  • Run video (advance slides) for a cappella service
  • Run audio for instrumental service
  • Run video (advance slides) for instrumental service
  • Run service lighting


Volunteers clean and maintain the baptistry, including providing clean towels and baptismal garments. Open bapistry rooms when needed for a baptism during worship.

Serving Opportunities

  • Clean and maintain the baptistry
  • Maintaining baptismal garments and clean towels


This ministry assures that the bread and the cup will be ready for our Sunday morning worship times and that they will be attentively distributed to the entire congregation. Communion servers also pass the collection trays.

Serving Opportunities

  • Prepare plates and trays prior to Sunday morning worship
  • Clean Communion plates and trays after Sunday morning worship
  • Serve communion by distributing plates/trays to the congregation during worship

Praise Team/Praise Band

The Praise Team/Praise Band assists in the leading of our worship on Sunday mornings and at other special occasions like the Candlelight Christmas Service. The Praise Team helps lead the a cappella service and the Praise Band leads the instrumental service. Both meet for rehearsals on Wednesday evenings (Praise team at 7:00 p.m. and Praise Band at 8:00 p.m.)  

Serving Opportunities

  • Sing on the Praise Team during the a cappella service
  • Provide vocal lead or back up for the Praise Band during the instrumental service
  • Play an instrument in the Praise Band during the instrumental service


Personally offer help to everyone (especially to guests) find available seats in the Worship Center. Open overflow room when needed. Ushering begins 5-10 minutes before service starts and continues for 15 minutes into each service.

Serving Opportunities

  • Usher on Sunday mornings

Worship Support

Provides logistical functions necessary for our worship services.

Serving Opportunities

  • Count attendance at first or second service
  • Clean/straighten up worship center after first service
  • Set up or take down chairs after first service

 Adam Looney at or 972-727-2359