What happens at CR?

When you come to Celebrate Recovery, you will be offered a cup of coffee or a glass of water and invited to join us for a couple of different experiences:

6:30 p.m.

We have a time when people can enjoy some light refreshments and visiting with one another that we call our “Common Ground Café.” Anyone is welcome to join in this informal time prior to the beginning of our program for the evening.

7:00 p.m.

We have what we call our “large group” when we are all together in the central room. There, we have a brief time of worship where we will have a few songs that remind us that we have a God who is bigger than any of our struggles and who is able to help us overcome them. (This is the “celebrate” dimension of Celebrate Recovery.) As part of this gathering, we will have either a teaching from a Celebrate Recovery leader or someone will share their story (testimony) of how God has helped them overcome their struggle. We can celebrate with them the victory God has provided.

8:00 p.m.

We break into small, gender-specific groups we call “open share” groups where participants can share what they choose about their own issues and challenges. No one is required to share anything more than they want to share. This is strictly a time of listening and support, not of challenging or attempting to “fix” one another.

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