The kids in Farallon are so sweet :)

While VBS is only 2 hours of our day, it sure has made a BIG impact on the kids. Every day we see little ways that VBS has impacted them and we are filled with joy. The other day when I was getting into my shower I heard a little voice “Sinee…Sinee…” and through the window I answered, in Spanish, “hello?” The window is completely shut so I can’t see little Jorge but I recognized his voice as he said, “are you going to be at the school tomorrow? Are you going to be at VBS tomorrow? Are we going to go to the beach tomorrow?” With a smile on my face I quickly responded, “yes.” Even though the things we do are simple and easy due to the amount of Spanish that we know, the kids are still getting sooo much out of it. Every day we give prizes to two kids for helping. On Tuesday a little boy got a Bible story coloring book, little did we know, that wasn’t the last time we would be seeing that coloring book. Today DURING school hours the little boy comes over to Mark Uptons house and asks him, “Mark, Mark, can you make me 24 copies of these pictures? My teacher wanted them for our class.” Mark looks outside and sees all of his little buddies and realizes that it wasn’t his teacher who wanted the copies; it was him and his friends. He looked down at the book and noticed that they were from the Bible story coloring book and not a school book and made the copies any way. J Over the past four days, these kids have amazed us!  We came to Panama to serve not to be served, but I truly believe that they have changed us more than we have changed them. Just hearing the kids walk down the street singing “Our God is so Big” in Spanish, just gives us all goose bumps.  We know that we have planted the seeds and God is going to do awesome things in Farallon.   Continue to pray for the work here in Farallon and for safety and health for our team here.