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Technology is Everywhere. In our world today, the use of technology is ever-present and inescapable. While technology itself is neither good or bad, it can be used in ways that are healthy or unhealthy. It can immeasurably help us become more efficient and productive. Or it can become something which takes on a life of its own and virtually controls our lives.

For example, a new study has found that most of us are obsessed with our phones. A research firm recruited 94 Android device users and installed special software on their smartphones. The tool tracked each user's "interaction" over five days, all day. "And by every interaction, we mean every tap, type, swipe and click. We're calling them touches," the researchers explained.* What did they find? On average, we touch the addictive things 2,617 times a day. (And that is just about one slice of technology that most of us use.)

For anything which connects with so much of our lives, it is important that we understand how to use it in healthy ways. Because technology makes a good servant, but a horrible master.

Collin’s sermon series, “Tech@Home,” lasted for 5 weeks and lead us to explore how we can ensure we are not allowing technology in our lives to control us, but to help us as we live in the Kingdom of God.

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Weekly Small Group Resources

"To the Full" - Tech@Home Conversation #1
"Bounced Checks" - Tech@Home Conversation #2
"No Mo' FOMO" - Tech@Home Conversation #3
"Fruit" - Tech@Home Conversation #4
"How To Be Here" - Tech@Home Conversation #5

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Hosting a Tech@Home Group

Anyone is welcome to host a Tech@Home Group. Whether you choose to do this in your home or work place or local coffee shop or favorite restaurant, simply invite a few people to join you for these conversations. The links below provide talking points and tips on leading or facilitating discussion.

Each week, a recap of the sermon and bridge into discussion will be provided on video which you can access on Collin's Facebook Page or viewing above on this webpage. (Videos will be posted above each week once they have been broadcast.)  To receive a set of questions each week that can help focus your group discussion, simply complete the registration form below.