Sunday Worship in El Valle

Today is our first real day in el Valle and it has been wonderful so far! 7:30 this morning was the time to be ready to head to the Carters home for breakfast and later church! Once we arrived to the Carters which is about a 5 minute car ride away, we enjoyed eggs made by our own Mark Maxey which were delicious and we had fruit and granola bars and coffee. It was nice to have a chance to just hang out and get to talk to one another more and get ourselves prepared for church! The Panamanian people arrived to church around 8:30 and we were all trying so hard to speak to them using the little Spanish we know haha but they were so sweet and were so tolerant with us and did their best to understand what we were saying.

In church today we talked about how God's story is our story and as we live our story we need to incorporate God's story too. It was amazing to see how much the Panamanian people reach out to you and each other. The church started out so small and they have encouraged their friends to come and they have incredible people at church who you can tell love God with all their heart and are really serving him. It was an amazing experience to see some of the younger kids actually be able to help with the Spanish and English translation because being bilingual and a Christian is an incredible gift.

I met a little girl named Melanie today and she was absolutely adorable! She is 5 years old and is just like any other kid playful and full of joy. She sat on my lap during church and loved to play with my hair and loved my finger nails. She kept trying to talk to me in Spanish and I felt so bad because I couldn't understand everything she was saying but I did my best and it turned out fine.

After church we split up and had a teen class that was held by Mark and Galon and then the kids class that Teresa, Stone, Martha, Colin, Pam, and I led. We had a puppet show and then a lesson on that God made you special and that no one of us are the same and that's what makes you special! The kids did a craft to make a button with their fingerprint on it and then they created an animal from their thumb print. We had chicken wraps and rice for lunch and it was great! When we got back we went to the market to look around and see what things we might want to buy. We then came back and laid back, caught up on sleep, talked, and whatever you wanted.

I feel that God is teaching me to reach out to all people around me and even if you don't know them or speak their language, try your best get them interested. Inform them with what you know and you could change someones life. El Valle is an amazing place and I am so blessed to be able to have an opportunity to be here to help those around me and teach them about our Lord.