Sullenger Jan 21 Lime Preschool and pictures

We had a great week here in Grenada.  Jim got to preach 2 nights at the Street meeting in Content (St. David's).  I think they had a lot of people who walked by and stayed to listen to the Word.  I think the last 2 nights were interrupted by rain several times, so they got some good visiting with the people in the grocery/bar.   The St. David men are planning on working that field.  The St. Georges congregation was planning on knocking doors Saturday night to invite people to an outdoor meeting for Sunday night in an area with no church-1 night only--they were all excited about it. We left home at 8:00 Sunday morning (got home at 2:00 pooped and hungry) and picked up a load of people for morning services at Marion--it runs 2 loads for the morning service.  They have had 7 baptisms since April-a family who lives behind the place they worship--Leslie (a baker), Connie (a teacher), 4 of their 6 children, and her mother.  We had a wonderful service-took a video of beginning class singing-more came for the preaching time.  Remy James is leading singing-he’s Willem’s brother.  Two of Peter’s sons are at preaching school in Trinidad and Perron is at school in Florida right now.  Noyle helped Peter with the family Bible lessons, he’s all fired up and is also talking about preaching school.  I think all are planning on coming back to Grenada to preach so we can’t wait to see what the Lord has in mind for this island.Last night Grand Anse started their meeting-Bart is preaching and doing a good job.  Lots of support came from Guave, Marion, Mt. Granby, and Grenville.  Jim and I got lots of hugs from everyone and all wanted to pass on greetings to Greenville Oaks.  Jim videoed the singing—Grenadians love to sing!  We finally got to the Lime Preschool this morning and gave the books to the kids.  There are 73 children in the school right now-Debbie Ross’s class is 20 4 yr. olds-wow.  The building needs new flooring so the parents are giving $5 ec apiece to get new flooring-the chairs have really torn up the old stuff.  Yall can see the  walls-all the children’s work is up and it’s really busy.  The old blue bus is still in the back-almost covered with vines-which improves its looks.  Once again, Debbie said, “Thank you, Greenville Oaks for the school!”  We brought about 25 books-we just brought 2 carryon bags this time so Jim is looking forward to NOT lifting the books into the overhead storage on the way home.Jim has been asked to preach at St. David’s on Sunday morning and I’ll teach the women’s class.  We have mostly appointments with friends this week so we’ll be busy running around.  

Love yall!!