Sullenger January 2011 Newsletter

Our last week in Grenada was spent visiting with members from Grand Anse and Marion.  Grand Anse was having a crusade each night so we attended there most nights and once again visited with members from all over the island.  On Sunday night, Guave brought about 20 and Marion brought about 20 so the little building was packed.  Bart Bruinger preached each night-he wasn’t left with much time—we sang for about 35 minutes each night.  Again we visited with Christians from St. George, Grenville, Concord, and St. David’s.

Jim and Bart drove up to Content to visit in the neighborhood of  the first week’s crusade.  They went different directions and both got to talk about the Lord with families in the area.  Jim took Charmaine Cummings and me to visit with Brother John and Sister Nelsia and then to Sister Marita (she had her amputated leg redone after years of walking with her prosthesis-the bone was coming through the skin).  She is 88, I think, and a blessing.  I got to see callaloo growing outside her home—callaloo is the green plant eaten in soups and oildown.  You know, I thought it was elephant ears-and they eat dachine-which is the root bulb of the callaloo.  I’m going to check it out!  Charmaine’s been giving me cooking lessons for Grenadian food.  I even got to teach Stacey Bruinger how to make passion fruit juice-my favorite juice on the island.

Jim and I taught at St. David's on Sunday morning and Jim preached. I taught Ruth and women’s ministry and shared Pam Cope’s story with the ladies.  What a wonderful lesson for women all over the world.  We worshiped with Marion on Sunday evening—had about 22 grownups in the bus-we were totally squished in.  What a wonderful feeling.  Willem preached so we laughed and sang to high heaven—literally!!  I love the new Christians who God has added.  There are others in the Marion community who are being visited by the men there.  We need to be praying for the Word and the messengers in this new part of Grenada.

We were so encouraged this trip.  We laughed and said that we were there 14 days and were at 16 worship services.   Keep Grenada in your prayers-please pray for harmony , eyes to see the white fields and hearts ready to go out and spread the Word.