Status of Vision and Leadership Structure Initiatives

The following was adapted from announcements Rex Taylor and Harold Tidwell made at all three worship assemblies on Sunday, April 14, 2013.

On March 24th, after two very full months of prayer, intense focus, and extensive research and study, Keith presented his vision recommendations. Over a two and a half hour period he shared lots of exciting and challenging ways that Greenville Oaks could more effectively reach others for Jesus and become a church of much more fully devoted followers. Keith did a great job of marrying the fact that we live in very family oriented communities with both simple and bold ideas that could make a meaningful difference in our lives and the lives of others in our communities. Now the elders have the tough job of evaluating all the options and determining what actions to implement and when to implement them. As you can probably imagine, this will take some time. We want to thoroughly consider and weigh all of the ideas and prayerfully determine what’s best for our church family. We expect this to take a few months and we hope to share our vision action plans in the early fall. In the meantime, we’ll give you updates about once a month.

Three days after Keith shared his recommendations on vision, Matt presented a comprehensive plan to improve the effectiveness of our leadership structure. It included changes in how our elders provide shepherding care and how the ministers lead our ministries. We’ve spent the last couple of weeks examining the recommendations. And last week we agreed to adopt the overall concept and to implement the recommended elder structure fairly soon. To do that, the elders asked a few of the elders to develop detailed descriptions of the specific roles and responsibilities and to recommend who should serve in the different areas. We are very excited about the overall leadership structure and believe it will help us serve our families better by:

  • Improving the connection and engagement between elders and the congregation
  • Dramatically stepping up our leadership development for the future
  • And improving healthy accountability within leadership

Within a few weeks, we should be able to share the details on how the elders will organize to better serve you and lead God’s family at Greenville Oaks.