Simple Truth Groups

The Simple Truth is Collin’s current sermon series that explores the situation we face daily in the world in which we live. From biased reporting to #FakeNews to a seemingly unending stream of scandals and investigations, it often seems truth is an elusive and endangered species. How can anyone know what is really true anymore?

We will take a look at seven different truths which at first seem simple, but on closer examination prove far more challenging for us to truly believe than one might expect.

Anyone is welcome to host a Simple Truth Group. Whether you choose to do this in your home or work place or local coffee shop or favorite restaurant, simply invite a few people to join you for these conversations. Click on the links below for talking points and tips on leading or facilitating discussion.

Each week, a recap of the sermon and bridge into discussion will be provided on video which you can access on Facebook or via this website by clicking on the link below. To receive a set of questions each week that can help focus your group discussion, simply email Keith Maloney at and provide your name, email address and phone number.

Simple Truth Conversation 7: God's Mission

Simple Truth Conversation 6: Baptism

Simple Truth Conversation 5: Holy Spirit

Simple Truth Conversation 4: Jesus

Simple Truth Conversation 3: Grace

Simple Truth Conversation 2: Humans

Simple Truth Conversation 1: The Bible