Community Groups meet regularly to participate in relationship building activities, times of praise, discussion-based and application-focused Bible study, sharing our lives together and intercessory prayer.

Serving Opportunities

  • Community Group Leader: Responsible for the formation and development of the group; recruiting other leadership roles (apprentice leader, host); planning and conducting the introductory meeting; facilitating development of the group covenant; and all other aspects of forming the group. The leader is responsible for ensuring appropriate arrangements for the group meeting, preparing the study, and planning and conducting the meeting.

  • Apprentice Leader: Shares in the leadership roles with the leader and prepares to step into a primary leadership role in the event a new group is formed by “multiplying.”

  • Sermon Focus Group Leader: Responsible for inviting 3-12 people to join together in a group to have a weekly conversation based on the current sermon series that focuses on a special emphasis of the church. These will happen three times each year, but leaders will commit to one at a time. The groups can meet in restaurants, coffee shops, workplaces, other public places, or in homes and may include members and non-members of Greenville Oaks.

Sandra Dunagan at or 972-727-2359.