Sermon Focus Groups

Sermon Focus Groups are groups which come together for a limited period of time (6-8 weeks) to focus on a special emphasis the church is having. These groups use the current Sunday sermon series as the basis for discussing how the principles and practices examined therein speak to our lives and how we can engage them more effectively in our journey of faith.

Sermon Focus Groups are usually comprised of 4-12 people, and may be Greenville Oaks members or people from the community or both. They meet weekly in a variety of venues such as restaurants, coffee houses, workplaces, or other public places as well as in homes.

While some Sermon Focus Groups may decide to continue together after the 6-8 week period, this is not required or expected.

For more information about a Community Group that is right for you, click HERE or contact Keith Maloney at or 972-727-2359.