We bestow this phrase on a certain group of people. High school graduates, newlyweds, new parents, and anyone who accomplishes something wonderful in our culture.

There are moments you'd never expect to hear "Congratulations!" It would seem out of place. You don't expect the phrase in difficult moments. If I heard that phrase directed toward me with tears in my eyes, it would sound more like a taunt than a blessing.

In Matthew 5, Jesus pronounces "Congratulations!" (or "Blessed!") on the oddest bunch of people. I love me some Jesus, but sometimes I wonder if He sees the same thing I do.

And perhaps that's the point. Jesus does see the world differently than we do. What if we saw the world more like Him? And the more I come to know Jesus, the more I realize my view of the world is upside down.

And His is...right side up.

This series on the Beatitudes might just turn your world "Right Side Up."