Reyes Family Newsletter (March - April)

Partners in the Gospel

Please open, read, and prayer for the things you read in this newsletter. Also Art Puente from Lubbock, TX. will be coming next week to teach a seminar on the book of John, so please pray as we have been putting up signs and handing out fliers. Yesterday our family spent time with a family from the congregation. My wife and I talked to Isaac who is 12 years old about his gift of speaking. We encouraged him to think about participating in a sermon where two or three people break the time up into five minute sections. Today he got up at the end of service and challenged the congregation to think about their mission and purpose. He shared Luke 4:17-20 that he studied during his once a month disciple class at our teammate Patrick's house. Then after our weekly potluck, he went out onto the street by himself and was handing out invitations to our upcoming seminar to the people passing by the building. His mom (Veronica) and brother (Antonio) were just baptized and he just seems to be on fire for the Lord right now. This whole family has a real heart for God and His word. Being in the kingdom of God is exciting! God is good. Please read our newsletter!