Rex Taylor

I grew up, the oldest of four kids, in Springfield, Missouri. My family was very active in a fairly traditional Church of Christ. I heard lots of sermons on the “plan of salvation” and the “true” church. I could point out many of the “biblical” shortcomings of other churches and I knew all of the things we were not supposed to do. One of those things was dancing, so in elementary school I jumped rope in the hall while everyone else learned to square dance.

My family and church heritage are things I highly value and would not change for anything. However, as a student at Harding College and afterward, I began to realize that God is probably not all that interested in us reducing his good news into a religious rule book. Today, I’m happy to see God’s story continuing to be revealed and am honored to have a small part in leading the Greenville Oaks church family to fulfill our place in the Kingdom of God. Denise and I have been members of Greenville Oaks since 1992 and I’ve served as an elder since 1998. Currently I serve with Steve Roseberry, David Bruce, Collin Packer, and Matt Mazza on the Governance Team.

Denise and I married in 1977. We have two grown daughters. Like their mother and father, Laura and Amy both graduated from Harding University. Laura is an interior designer for an architectural firm in Dallas. Amy is an artist who specializes in watercolor and oil painting. Denise works as the Greenville Oaks church office manager. I retired from DXC Technology (formerly Hewlett Packard Enterprise) in June 2018.