Panama on Sunday


Sitting on the plane with numerous people around me, and all of us going to the same place, each one filled with different stories and reasons but we all had a commonality; Panama. While each person on the plane may have had a breath taking story to tell me all I could think about were the different stories I was going to be able to tell by the end of the trip, all the adventures, all the people, and all the faces that I would come to know better and better each day. While today was only our 1st real day out here in Panama, I already feel a connection with the people.For church this morning all 13 of us piled into a 12 passenger van and drove to Rio Grande, about 4 hours away from Panama city, where we had home church in Spanish at a precious family’s house, and although the language was a barrier it was not hard to quickly knock that down and get to “talking” to the members in a mixture of Spanish, English, gibberish,  and A LOT of hand motions, even though it was a little hot and chaotic the service and the people were so sweet, after being sent off with lots of hugs and kisses we made our way to Farallon where we will be staying in the Uptons house. We piled out of the van and we were off to the streets to see the neighborhood around the house. We met Josephina’s family who we are going to be helping this week as we install a bathroom in to her house, we also got to meet a wonderful lady named Remilia and got to hear her amazing God story on how people have helped her build her 1st house with real walls and a roof that keeps the water out, along with many other things we easily take for granite every day like running water and electricity.  She definitely was not the only friendly person we met today. As we walked down the street, a group of 10 or 11 little boys came running up to us, they continued to follow us, and boom, just like that the language barrier was broken  once again, the little kids didn’t care that we didn’t speak their langue, they didn’t care that we were different from them, all they wanted were some buddies to play with. Saywer, Malory, Amanda and I quickly broke out into a game of tag with them, and over the course of two hours one game turned into the next until we were all just laying there on the beach, buried in sand. The language wasn’t even a problem, the only thing we struggled with was telling them good bye, we just wanted to stay out there all night but it was time for dinner. After we ate we all rehearsed different skits and songs together for tomorrow at VBS. None of us have great Spanish so rehearsals were very necessary and not to mention humorous. Pray for us as we work with the schools, construction and VBS this week, I can’t wait to see how it goes!