Mission Update for April and May


Summer is approaching fast and that means that furlough will be here soon.  Please refer to the link Becks April/May Video Update for our last newsletter before our furlough.  It is also our first go at a video newsletter.  
Our furlough schedule is also below.  We would love to see you while we are in the States.

Furlough Schedule:
June 21 - Depart Rwanda
June 23 – 29 - Atlanta, Georgia with Dolingers
June 29 – July 3 - Allen, TX with Greenville Oaks 
July 4 – Aug 4 - Lubbock, TX and surrounding area with Family, Friends, Monterey CoC
Aug 4 – Aug 8 - Allen, TX
Aug 8 – Aug 15 - Madison, WI Brothers wedding
Aug 16 – Sept 6 - Allen, TX and surrounding area with Greenville Oaks
Sept 7 - Return to Rwanda

Blessings and Peace,
 -Caleb, Jenny, Adin, Caris