Mission Statement Tweaks

Following is a transcript of the strategic envisioning update I shared on Sunday, January 17, 2010.

To introduce our invitation time I want to talk a little about our strategic envisioning planning process. I first announced this effort at the end of August. Since then, our Strategic Leadership Team of around 30 men and women has met five times. The process has been mentioned several times and there have been a couple of bulletin articles. But, we haven’t said much publicly about the outcome yet because the effort has become a rather iterative process in which we develop ideas, review, and get feedback and then rework. I can’t take the time to give you a full status report this morning, but I do want to tell you what we have concluded about our mission statement.

After brain storming and examining what we really value and what we really should value we took a fresh look at our mission. After examining several other directions we all agreed that our current statement does a good job of stating the mission of the church. “To seek those who need Christ and help them become his fully devoted followers.” That says that we are to reach out and share Jesus with people who don’t know him and to make disciples. 

That’s good, but we thought we could push it to be just a little more clear. So here’s a sneak peak at the subtle, but we believe meaningful, tweaks we agreed to make. Our new mission statement will read.

Seek all who need Jesus and together become his fully devoted followers.

Instead of “those who need Christ” we’ll now say “all who need Jesus.” We are not about just reaching “those” people, which can sound like “those other” people. Instead we seek all who need Jesus. And it feels more personal to use Jesus’ name, rather than his title of Christ or messiah.

Instead of “and help them become his fully devoted followers,” we’ll now say, “and together become his fully devoted followers.” This reinforces that we’re not about just helping other people; we’re about all living and growing together in community to become more like Jesus.

Yes, these are small changes, but they add some significantly important meaning to what we, as “church,” are supposed to be about.