Leadership Selection Process

Every three years, Greenville Oaks goes through a Leadership Selection Process to select Elders. The men who are currently serving as our Elders are a rich blessing to us. They show their love for God and for this family through faithful service. We are so thankful for them!

Elder Candidates

Larry Boone
James Browne
David Bruce
Jose Chacon
Greg Coffman
Roger Hooten
James Nelson
Tim Olree
Steve Roseberry
Mike Stanley
Kieth Sullivan
Rex Taylor
Tod Vogt
James Voss
Tim Woodbridge
Tim Woods

This process began on Sunday, July 22, and will complete in October. A detailed schedule of the process is provided below. The Leadership Selection Process consists of two phases:

Nomination Phase

The nomination phase was completed on August 12.

Confirmation Phase

The nomination phase was completed on September 30.

Process Schedule


  • July 22 - Choosing Kingdom Leaders Series Message #1, Not So With You
  • July 23 - Church-wide Letter mailed out about Elder Selection Process
  • July 29 - Choosing Kingdom Leaders Series Message #2, Look at the Heart

Phase 1 - Nomination Phase

  • July 30 - Nomination Process Begins
  • August 8 - Congregational Prayer and Fasting Experience
  • August 12 - Nomination Form Submission Deadline

Phase 2 - Confirmation Phase

  • September 16 - Announce names of Elder Candidates
  • September 16 - Begin Confirmation Process
  • September 30 - Confirmation Process Deadline
  • October 14 - Announce Selected Elders
  • October 21 - Elder Ordination Service

Leadership Selection Process Team

A team has been formed to facilitate the Leadership Selection Process. If you have any questions or comments about the process, please contact one of the team members listed below. You were provided their contact information in the Ledership Selection Process introduction letter and email.

  • Tommy Doan - Team Leader
  • Jon Rainey
  • Jake Sanders