Leadership Model

The Greenville Oaks Church of Christ is led by elders who are responsible for the spiritual growth and welfare of every Greenville Oaks member.

The entire elder group:

  1. Oversees the biblical teaching and care of the church family
  2. Is responsible for overall vision and values
  3. Provides a mechanism and direction for organizational empowerment and management

Delivering on the elders’ overall responsibility requires the collective wisdom, skill, talent and leadership of all those who are called to serve as elders. The elders are organized into two groups, a Shepherding Team that focuses on the spiritual care of the Greenville Oaks church family and a Governance Team that handles all administrative operations of the church. The executive and lead ministers also serve on the Governance Team.

The elders, through the Governance Team, delegate to the Executive Minister the responsibility of ensuring effective leadership and management of all church ministries and operations. All ministers (except the lead minster) and support staff report to the Executive Minister.

The Lead Minister is responsible for all teaching in the Greenville Oaks worship assemblies, nurturing leaders and driving the vision.

The Shepherding Team consists of all elders not serving on the Governance Team and focuses on the spiritual care of the Greenville Oaks church family by providing reactive and proactive care.

Reactive Care includes:

  • Providing prayerful intervention for God’s people when they need spiritual protection, guidance, and teaching from God’s Word.
  • Providing care with a personal touch (call, visit, card or meeting) to church members.
  • Being available to the church family in times of need or crisis to provide care and help bring about transformation.

Proactive Care includes:

  • Hosting “meetings of encouragement” for members with special needs or individual ministries.
  • Working closely with shepherding ministry teams and staff to share burdens and to assist in crisis intervention as we prayerfully deal with the wounds and family conflict of spiritual battles of our brothers and sisters in Christ.
  • Working closely with teams such as the Stephen Ministry to build upon spiritual formation within the church family.
  • Encouraging members of the body of Christ to physically and spiritually care for each other (primarily through Connecting Point group communities).
  • Raising up leaders and shepherds as we engage them in the shepherding process.
  • Actively pursuing Christ-centered relationships with potential leaders and future shepherds, and others in their sphere of influence by involving them in the delivery of shepherding care.
  • Facilitating shepherding ministry updates, keeping the full elder body informed about ministry activities.

The Governance Team consists of three or four elders, the Executive Minister and Lead Minister. This team processes as much non-shepherding responsibility as possible, therefore, allowing most of the elders to concentrate on shepherding. These responsibilities (church management, vision management and day-to-day operating decisions such as financial, legal, personnel, ministry guidance, and church communication) are delegated by the entire elder group to the Governance Team, which in turn may delegate operational matters to ministers, ministry leaders, ministry teams, task forces, church staff and other members.

The Executive Minister and Lead Minister are permanent members of this team. Elders who are members of this team serve a four-year term. Terms are staggered so that only one member is replaced each year (beginning in December 2015). New elder members must have served for at least the previous year as an elder of the church.

The entire elder group empowers and trusts the Governance Team to exercise all of the authority and powers of the elders (Board of Directors*) in the business and affairs of the church and to determine those items or situations that should be addressed by the full elder group. However, the entire elder group retains authority and the Governance Team does not make decisions concerning:

  1. Formal or public discipline matters pertaining to any member of Greenville Oaks
  2. The incurrence of debt by Greenville Oaks with a principal amount that exceeds five percent (5%) of the annual general funds budget of Greenville Oaks
  3. The sale or addition of, or material modification to, the primary place of business of Greenville Oaks, with material modification being a ten percent (10%) or more change in the physical scope or fair market value
  4. The hiring or firing of the Executive Minister or the Lead Minister
  5. Any other matter that the Governance Team desires the full elder group to retain decision-making authority

Typically, any elder, staff member, or any Greenville Oaks member wanting to have an item placed on the Governance Team meeting agenda will coordinate through the Governance Team Chairman or the Executive Minister.

* Note: For legal purposes, each elder is a trustee of the corporation and the full body of elders serves as the church’s legal Board of Directors.