Launching Disciples Groups

How were you first introduced to space travel?

Those very first launches when Alan Shepherd and then John Glenn took their historic space flights? When Neil Armstrong took that first step onto the surface of the moon? Or perhaps it was the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster that first caused you to consider the glories and the risks of being launched from this world into the vast beyond. Whatever your personal experience, we understand that launching people into space is a huge challenge, and it takes great planning, effort, and teamwork to do it successfully.

Launching children into a life of discipleship with Jesus is also a challenge that requires great planning, effort and teamwork to do it successfully. We want to invite you to consider hosting a Message Focus Group, a Launching Disciples group, to dig deeper into this important topic.

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Hosting a Launching Disciples Group

You are invited to explore the ultimate purpose of parenting during a 5-week series of messages about Launching Disciples. In a message focus group, you can invite some of your friends to join you as you explore its impact on your life and discover the power of inclusion and how we can respond to Jesus’ call on our lives. Hosting a message focus group is simple:

  • Invite a few friends to join you at a convenient location (a coffee shop, restaurant, workplace, or even a home) at whatever time works for the group each week.
  • Sign up to receive the weekly emails with questions you can use to help prompt your conversation/discussion of that week’s message. (Use the form above to register.)
  • Watch the brief recap video (Facebook Live broadcasts are accessible from Collin Packer's Facebook Page) together on the device you choose as an introduction and recap of the message. (Recap videos, discussion questions, and links to all message materials will be posted weekly in the Weekly Small Group Resources section below.)
  • Enjoy watching what God does in the process.

Talking points and tips on leading or facilitating discussion.

We hope you will be blessed as you engage this conversation with those you invite to study with you.

Weekly Small Group Resources

"Houston, We Have a Problem" - Launching Disciples Conversation #1
"Project Mercury" - Launching Disciples Conversation #2
"How to Build a Rocket" - Launching Disciples Conversation #3
"T-Minus" - Launching Disciples Conversation #4
"One Small Step" - Launching Disciples Conversation #5

Facebook Live Tutorial Video