Larry Boone

I am the oldest of three kids and have lived in a variety of cities in the great state of Texas. My family is very active in the Church and my early years included a seven year stay in Medina Children’s Home, where my parents were house parents. During my time in Medina, I was able to see my parents put their faith into action—I was young but learned that ultimately this is what God calls all of us to do.

As I think about my spiritual journey, I don’t think I’ve had a single event shape my faith journey more than my marriage to Karla. Together we work to keep God at the head of our family and look for his guidance in all things. This journey recently included a health scare for Karla—during this event we felt God was with us the entire way. He surrounded us with family and friends and through it all we saw God at work. As a side note—our children got to experience this as well and we’ve seen it change their lives.

One of the biggest blessings in my life is to be surrounded with a strong base of family and friends. Together we do life—learning and leaning on each other as needed. I trust God completely and feel like He puts people in my path for a reason. I’m working to see these opportunities in “real time” and then act on the opportunities to help others, provide counsel or simply be a willing listener. I’m certainly not perfect and I hope that God will continue to work on me.

Karla and I were married in 1988. We have two grown children. Kelsey is a Marketing Director at the Shops of Legacy and Carson is finishing his senior year at The University of Texas at Dallas. We are also blessed to have Ryan Ishmael as a son-in-law. He and Kelsey met in the youth group here at Greenville Oaks. Karla is a Resale Coordinator for a NMI (an HOA management company) and I’ve worked as a Manager for UPS since 1984.