Jose Chacon

I grew up in South Texas and came to this area in 1989 to study at the University of Texas at Arlington. I graduated from U.T. Arlington in 1992 and went to work for Texas Instruments as a software developer. In 1999, I became an IT Manager supporting their business and manufacturing systems. My wife Kelly and I were married in 2000 and placed membership at Greenville Oaks in 2001. We purchased a home in Allen and both of us were committed to find a local place of worship. We chose Greenville Oaks primarily because we had a peace about coming here. We really felt led to join. When compared to other churches we visited, we felt most at home at Greenville Oaks.

We have two kids: Elisa, born in 2002, and Caleb, born in 2003. Kelly and I are blessed to have them. We work towards raising them with a strong belief in God. They in turn help us put God’s grace to work. Funny how God does that, give parents children so we can learn grace.

Serving at Greenville Oaks is a privilege, one that God provides for every member. It is not easy, but God never said it would be. He does provide every one of us gifts that we can use to minister to others and bring Him glory. If you haven’t found a role at Greenville Oaks, I encourage you to do so. There is something for everyone.

My prayer to God for Greenville Oaks is

  • By God’s power, we transform our communities to be centered on Him
  • The unity of all believers in Christ is so strong that it dwarfs the things that divide us
  • Our baptistery will have a waiting line when we gather for worship

May we all love God, love people and serve others