Jim & Marie in Grenada

Hey!  We had a good trip to Grenada.  A man on the airplane was having issues-there were 2 drs. and a nurse on board and they got him to Miami-he was just a little gray-gallstones they think.  A lot of St. Georges University students were going back to school-there were dogs all over the airplane including a great dane.

Peter, Bev, LeShon, Willem, and Noyle met us at the plane and took us home in the bus.  We were in the middle of the plane so were the last thru customs.  It was 11:30 before we got out.  We met the new family here-Bart  & Stacey Bruington and 3 kids-Savannah(13), Lane(11), and True(6).  Bart talked to us til about 1:30 that night.  They were in Zambia, Africa out in the bush for 6 yrs. I think.  Stacey is a nurse.  They loved it there-planting churches and teaching nationals to teach.  They came back to Lubbock for a bit then headed here for Stacey to get her public health nursing degree which will eventually lead them back to Africa.  They visited most of the churches on the island and decided to worship mostly with Grand Anse while here. (I think Stacey will finish up this summer-I’ll have to check again)  G.A. seemed to be struggling the most and Bart is helping with some teaching and preaching there.

St. David started a gospel meeting on Sunday night with Bart speaking.  We went up with Bart last night.  Marion picked up a bus load so there were about 40 there-my count.  Instead of having it at the building, they had it out on a dirt road Y (3 roads) in front of a bar/pool hall.  There were about 10 chairs there, so most of us stood or sat on a grass bank.  They had speakers hooked up so the singing was riproaring and Bart did a good job.  Jim is going to be speaking the next 2 nights-will borrow a flashlight for him to see with.  He’s excited about getting to preach-as always.  I took some pics-but it’s dark so not very good.  I wanted to get a pic of some men sitting on stools in the doorway of the bar listening, but wasn’t close enough.  Jim said when Willem led the closing prayer,  all were quiet and listening in there.

Marion has taken good care of the bus/van and it’s running smoothly.  Jim sat on the Limes road last night waiting for us to pick him up and got lots of shout outs from people passing in their cars, “Hey, preacher!  Good to see you back!”  He was glad.  He visited with some yesterday and some today and we’ll get up in Limes tomorrow.  It rained (it’s been a wet dry season this year) so he came back all wet this morning.  We’re taking the books from GO to the preschool tomorrow.

Wed. morning

Jim went to preach last night and I kept the Bruington kids.  A rainstorm came up so everyone ran for the bar.  The owner asked Jim if they could come and preach next week also.  (Of course, that was like saying "sic 'em" to a dog)  Jim and Bart came back wet but everything dried out well.  Jim walked on the golf course this morning, saw a ball laying off the track so while trying to  get it, he rolled down a hill sideways.  He was wearing his jeans-and he has to preach in them tonight, so we had to do a quick wash this morning.  It rained nearly all night so I just hope he doesn't have to preach in his bermuda shorts!!  He may get a little chapped!!

we love yall!