Hola de Panama!

We made it!  All 27 of us!  No one forgot their passport.  We arrived safely with all our luggage.  We had a small hitch with the transportation, but it all worked out.  We now have a bus & a van that come with 2 drivers instead of 3 vans we drive ourselves.

We had a great surprise when we arrived at DFW.  We are all wearing green shirts with a frog and a scripture on it (thanks Courtney!).  We were shocked to see a large group of people at our gate wearing blue shirts.  Turns out, they are from a couple of churches of Christ in Kentucky and were flying through to go visit David & Lisa Carter.  David is the brother of Miriam, the missionary 10 of us are staying with in Farallon.  God brought all of us together.

After we checked into our hotel, they invited us to a devo in one of their rooms.  It was great!  They affectionately call us the people with the "green dalmation-frog" shirts.

Mark Upton and Aaron Chowning met us at the airport.  They've put in so much work and deserve a lot of credit.  God is doing great things through them and I can't wait to share with you what I see of His work here in Panama.

Until next time ...