Group Plan - Wrestling

Message Text: Genesis 32:22-29
Message Theme: The Bible offers a blessing to those who are willing to enter its story and wrestle with the God who still breathes life into its pages.

Group Discussion Questions

  1. Tell about your most frustrating experience putting together something for your home (furniture, Toys, Swingset, etc.).
    Was the instruction manual helpful or not?
  2. Which of the following best describes the ways you have seen the Bible over the years?
    And how does each bring its own set of expectations for our reading?
    Instruction Manual/Handbook
    History Book
    Science Book
    Love Letter
  3. Collin suggested that the Bible is multi-vocal, that it contains multiple voices or perspectives within its pages.
    Is this a new thought?
    What are the challenges of the contradictions within the Bible?
  4. How does seeing the Bible as a library of books rather than a single book change your expectations for what it contains?
    How has that image been helpful during the past few weeks?
  5. If you had a chance to ask the authors of Scripture one question that you could hear them discuss, what would it be?
  6. Read Genesis 32:22-29.
    How does this passage encourage you to handle the Bible?
    Has your experience with Scripture included wrestling?
    Do you have a limp as a result of your wrestling with God and with Scripture?
  7. What blessings have been the result of your reading of Scripture?
  8. What has been the biggest takeaway from this series of sermons?
    How will you read Scripture differently going forward?