Group Plan - Owning Your Origin

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Message Text: Luke 4:14-30
Message Theme: Jesus wasn't considered dangerous for preaching about the exclusivity of the kingdom. Jesus was considered a threat because of how inclusive his message of the kingdom of God was.

Group Discussion Questions

  1. Tell about a time that you had high expectations for a performance/event (concert, comedian, movie, sporting event, etc.), but walked away sorely disappointed afterward.
  2. What are the things you appreciate most about your job/career?
    What are the frustrations/hazards of your job?
    ? Is your job dangerous in any way (spiritually, physically, emotionally, or relationally)?
    How so?
  3. Have you ever had to take a stand for accepting someone even though it seemed everyone else wanted to reject them?
  4. Read Luke 4:14-30.
    What do you notice about this section?
    Why are the responses of the crowd so positive and negative in the story?
  5. How do you notice the world dividing itself in categories of us/them?
    How does that play itself out in the church?
  6. What resources does our Christian faith have that help us move against the forces that desire us to divide up into us/them?
  7. Read Genesis 12:1-3.
    How are the people of God called to live differently than other tribes?
    How does being a part of a church help you combat the natural impulse we have to divide in these ways?
    How does it hurt?
  8. Luke 4:18-19 is a key verse in the Gospel of Luke.
    How do you see Jesus live into the mission he declares here in these verses?
    How does your life embody these concerns?
  9. Why do the people from Nazareth want to throw Jesus off a cliff?
    When we are challenged in similar ways, how do we respond?
  10. What are you convicted to do as a result of this story?
    How can we be advocates for including those who are so often seen as outsiders?