Poor Excuses, Good Seats and the Best Party Ever - Gospel According to Luke Conversation #7

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Message Text: Luke 14:1-24
Message Theme: The “insiders,” who are caught up in pursuing the things that measure what the world considers success, are the outsiders where God is concerned. While those who are considered the outsiders, the poor, the disenfranchised, the disabled, the undesirables as the world views them, are the ones who will enjoy the true significance found only in Jesus Christ.

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Group Discussion Questions

  1. What is one of the poorest excuses you have ever been given?
    That you have ever made for your own actions?
  2. Can you remember a time when you really wanted to be invited to a party but you didn’t get an invitation?
    How did you react?
  3. Remember a time when you were unexpectedly invited to participate in a really nice event.
    How did that make you feel?
  4. In what ways do we allow the culture in which we live to shape our definition of success?
  5. Have you observed others in the pursuit of things (“you have to have this or live there or do that or go here,” etc.) that the world tells us are marks of success?
    How do we get sucked into that same trap?
  6. How have you observed others give such strong commitment to their jobs or their careers that it dominates the rest of their lives?
    How do you feel pressured to do the same thing?
  7. How can we devote ourselves so intensely to caring for our family that we wind up giving family the place that should belong only to God in our lives?
  8. Do you agree that even the good things we do can be done out of a desire for our own self-interest?
    How have you found yourself caught up in that?
  9. How does understanding the way God loves you and values you make it unnecessary to try to control the way others see you?
  10. How can you take practical steps personally to avoid the pull of the artificial success the world tells us we need to pursue?