Group Plan - Passover 2.0

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Message Text: Luke 22:7-20

Group Discussion Questions

  1. Tell the story about the meal you remember most from your childhood?
    What makes it memorable?
  2. Tell the story about the most memorable Lord's Supper moment you have had?
    What makes it memorable?
  3. Have you ever experienced a Seder Feast?
    Talk about that experience.
  4. How does the Passover/Exodus story bring meaning to the Lord's Supper when we see the connection Jesus makes between the two events in Luke 22?
  5. Read Luke 22:7-20.
    How is the experience of sharing bread and juice on Sundays a powerful moment for you personally?
  6. Where do your thoughts usually go during the Lord's Supper on Sundays?
    Share around the group.
  7. What do you find helpful for you personally as you engage this memorial feast with other believers?
  8. Does the Lord's Supper cause you to remember the past, look forward to the future or both?
    What makes you focus in that way?
  9. Consider closing your group time with a time of sharing communion as a group.
    It's always more powerful to experience something than to merely talk about it.