Group Plan - Owning Your Origin

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Message Text: Luke 3:1-4:13
Message Theme: We all have an origin story. Some choose to own that story. Others choose to forget it. Either way, baptism is an invitation to plant ourselves in a larger and greater story.

Group Discussion Questions

  1. Tell your origin stories around the circle.
    How far back can you recall first & last names in your family?
    Do you have a hero/famous person in your family history?
    Do you have a villain in your family history?
  2. What is your origin story when it comes to faith?
    Who shared the story of Jesus with you?
    Which church did you come to faith in?
    What camp experience was influential in your life?
  3. How have you worked through the difficulties that are inevitably present in your origin story?
    Do you have more work to do?
  4. What happens when we run from or try to escape/ignore our past?
    What happens when we work through our wounds and difficulties from the past?
  5. Why was Jesus baptized?
    What do you think was his reason?
  6. Tell your baptism story.
    Who was there?
    Do you remember a feeling you had that day?
    After your baptism?
  7. How has your baptism continued to shape your post-baptismal life?
    Do you recall that day often?
  8. Baptism in the Bible is called the “new birth,” symbolizing the beginning of our life of faith.
    In what ways since your baptism have you grown to better understand who God is and who you are spiritually?
  9. How have you both owned your origin story and still moved on to join the story of what God is doing in the world and in your life?
    What do you need to do to continue that journey of faith?
  10. Who in your life are you praying for to come to belief in Jesus?
    Spend time in prayer around the circle praying for those you hope to help come to faith in 2019.