Group Plan - Judas, Peter & All the Rest

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Message Text: Luke 22:1-6, 21-65

Group Discussion Questions

  1. What is your first memory of a betrayal that you experienced?
  2. How has that moment (and others like it) impacted your relationships throughout your life?
  3. Collin mentioned the illustration of a marble jar representing trust that can be built or destroyed with others.
    How do people best add marbles to your trust jar with them?
    What is the quickest way to remove a marble from your trust jar with them?
  4. Read Luke 22:1-6, 21-65.
    What kinds of betrayal does Jesus experience in these verses?
    How do you think these different experiences feel to Jesus?
  5. How did Jesus respond to these betrayals?
    Why do you believe he was able to respond as he did?
  6. There are two common responses to betrayal in our lives: Lashing-Out & Checking-Out.
    Which response are you most prone to?
    If both are prevalent in your life, what makes you respond differently to different people?
  7. Jesus was able to respond well to betrayal because of 3 reasons: 
    1. He expected betrayal
    2. Jesus' identity determined his response
    3. Jesus stayed connected to his betrayers
      Which of these behaviors would be most helpful to work on personally?
    4. While reconciliation is the optimal hope in all of our relationships, do you believe that is the proper response in every situation?
      Why or why not?
      How would you best discern well the proper response in the future?
  8. How does understanding that Jesus has received your betrayal and still offered you love and acceptance make a difference in your ability to allow those who have betrayed you to begin to rebuild trust with you?
  9. What step do you plan to take this week to reestablish trust in a broken relationship or prepare for the next experience of betrayal you will face?