Group Plan - Jesus Grew

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Message Text: Luke 2:39-52
Message Theme: Growth requires curiosity, putting yourself in a place to learn, and owning your true identity.

Group Discussion Questions

  1. Have you made any New Year's Resolutions or goals for 2019?
    If not, in what ways do you hope to grow spiritually in 2019?
  2. When you consider Origin Stories, what comes to mind?
    Give example of books/movies that tell about the origins of the heroes in the stories they tell.
  3. How is it helpful to know the origin of a hero in a story?
  4. Why do you think the gospel writers tell us so little about Jesus' life from 2 to 30?
  5. Read Luke 2:39-52.
    What stands out in this story?
    What memories does this story remind you of in your own life?
  6. How do you interpret Luke 2:52?
    What does it mean that Jesus grew in these ways?
    How does that challenge previous assumptions about Jesus?
    What tensions are found in this verse?
  7. Collin mentioned 3 growth principles found in these verses:
    1) Regular spiritual disciplines/practices/rituals
    2) Choose to be a curious learner
    3) Coming to better know your true identity.
    How do you see those in this story?
  8. How might these principles help you grow in every way toward your goal/mission in 2019?
  9. How can this group encourage one another to grow in these ways in the year ahead?