Group Plan - Jesus Calls His Disciples

Message Text: Matthew 4:18-22
Message Theme: You've been called. The invitation has been extended. Don't miss out!

Group Discussion Questions

  1. If you could live in any century/era, which would you choose and why?
  2. What do you like most about living in 2018?
    What would you miss most if you were forced to live at another time?
  3. Read Matthew 4:18-22.
    What do you notice in this passage?
    What grabs your attention?
    Can you imagine an opportunity so great and so attractive that you would be willing to leave everything you were doing, life as you knew it, and step into a new adventure when you were not certain where it would take you?
  4. If Jesus were to catch you in the middle of your routine and invite you to "follow him," what would be your response?
    What might keep you from dropping everything to follow him?
  5. At what moment of your life has your pursuit of Jesus been most complete?
    What led to that moment?
    What was it like?
  6. What keeps you from accepting Jesus' invitation to follow him fully?
  7. Collin challenged us in his sermon to accept the invitation of Jesus in our day and age to follow him fully again.
    Is that a challenge you're ready to accept?
    What is your next step to pursuing that invitation?
  8. How can this group be a support to each person in this pursuit?