Jesus and the Woman of the City - Gospel According to Luke Conversation #4

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Message Text: Luke 7:36-50
Message Theme: We miss out on so much when we fail to look closely into the eyes of people. When we truly become curious with people around us, much becomes possible that isn't otherwise.

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Group Discussion Questions

  1. Have you ever been in a situation where you were the “outsider” and felt almost “invisible” to the people around you because it seemed no one wanted to include you or engage with you in any way? (Maybe when you were new in the neighborhood, on the job, at school, in a church, etc.)
    How did you feel?
    Have you ever been guilty of treating others in that way, of not really “seeing” them?
  2. Show the Gorilla Experiment video.
    What does this experiment teach us about what we are able to see?
  3. When have you been so focused on what you were doing that you failed to see (or notice) someone right in front of you?
  4. How was Simon’s behavior toward the woman supported by the cultural expectations of the day?
    How do the expectations of others in “acceptable society” pressure us to treat people today the way Simon treated this woman?
  5. Read Luke 7:36-50.
    How does the parable (verses 41-42) help us make sense of the entire scene?
  6. Focus in on the question Jesus asks in verse 44 ("Do you see this woman?").
    What seems to be Simon's view of this woman?
    What is he missing?
  7. In our own day, how do we fail to look closely and see people on the margins in our own culture?
    Who are the kinds of people we ought to see at a deeper level in our everyday interactions?
  8. How did the interview with Kristen Mazza help you see more clearly?
    What was your biggest takeaway?
    (You may need to recap the interview in your group for those who weren't present in the service, go back and watch it, or if most of your group did not hear the interview, you may want to omit this question.)
  9. How would better vision (attention on the marginalized in our society) help the church better live out our mission in Collin County in 2019?
  10. Do you feel a compulsion to take action in our society as a result of the sermon and interview on Sunday?
    If so, what might that action be?