Jesus and the Tax Collector - Gospel According to Luke Conversation #2

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Message Text: Luke 5:27-32
Message Theme: Doctors were meant to spend their lives with the sick. Jesus is the doctor. We're sinners healed by Jesus pointing other sick people to Jesus.

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Group Discussion Questions

  1. What is your first memory of a visit to the doctor?
    What is the greatest blessing a doctor has added to your life?
    What is the hardest moment a doctor was present for in your life?
  2. Read Luke 5:27-32.
    What is the core conflict at play in this story?
  3. Why are the Pharisees critical of Jesus' choice of dinner mates?
    Have you ever been guilty of asking a similar judgmental question of an unbeliever or fellow Christian as the Pharisees did?
  4. What do you make of Jesus' response in verses 31-32?
    What is he trying to get the Pharisees to understand?
    What does he want us to understand and apply today in 2019?
  5. Do you spend the majority of your time with spiritually healthy or sick people?
    What percentage of your time would you estimate you give to these two groups?
    Should the percentage of time you spend with these groups change based on Jesus' words?
  6. When the Ebola crisis struck in 2014, do you remember your feelings about the situation coming to the US? To Dallas?
    Do you remember the voices that used fear to try to keep Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol out of the US?
    What can our fears in regard to Ebola teach us about our willingness to follow Jesus' principle in verses 31-32?
  7. Do you believe Jesus was telling the Pharisees they were healthy and didn't need his ministry?
    Or did Jesus have another message he was trying to get across to them?
    If so, what message was he trying to make?
  8. Collin said, "The only people a doctor can help are the sick who can admit they are sick and need help."
    Can you admit you need help?
  9. We aren't the healers. Jesus is.
    So, what role are we to play in as people healed by Jesus in helping other sick people find healing?
  10. How will you seek to help the sick around you find healing?
    What practical steps do you plan to take?