Jesus and the Centurion - Gospel According to Luke Conversation #3

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Message Text: Luke 7:1-10
Message Theme: Words are powerful. Words created the world. Words on stone spelled out the Law. And the words of Jesus calmed storms, raised the dead, and replaced the words on stone with love. "Say the word!"

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Group Discussion Questions

  1. Can you remember a time when you have been hurt, or observed as someone else was hurt, by unkind words from another person?
    Share your experience with the group.
  2. We all speak words we wish we could have back.
    Tell a story in the recent past of words you wish you could take back or say differently.
  3. Some words have significant and lasting impact on us.
    Have you had words spoken over you that have stuck and shaped your life?
    Who spoke those words?
    What was the situation?
    How have they shaped your life for better or worse?
  4. Collin encouraged us to imagine the difference between the way we see soldiers today and how the Jewish people would have seen this Centurion.
    How was Jesus affirmation of the Centurion surprising in the 1st Century among the Jews?
  5. What would be a proper parallel between the outsider status of the Centurion for first Century Jews and a person or group that we find in recent times?
    (Nazi forces in France? Russian soldiers in Afghanistan? Iraqis in Kuwait? Americans in Iraq? Drug Cartel gunmen in Mexico?)
  6. Have you ever been in an organization or group where authority and chain of command was clear?
    An organization where a word spoken and everyone fell into line to follow the command?
    What was that experience like?
    Did you appreciate the chain of command or not?
  7. How does this man's training in understanding authority shape his response to Jesus?
    What was his understanding of his own status relative to Jesus?
    Of Jesus authority over him?
  8. Read Luke 7:7-10.
    How does this verse challenge you in pursuing faith in Jesus?
    Words have power.
    Do you believe that?
    How do you call on the words of Jesus in your faith journey?
  9. How can you speak into a specific person or situation this week in a way that can possibly shape them and bless their lives?
  10. Finish the group session encouraging each other with words.
    Words have power.
    Consider these 3 exercises to live out this passage:
    • Go around the circle and speak words of encouragement over each person.
    • Pray faithful words of healing/encouragement over each person in the group.
    • Have everyone share the one word they will choose to pray in 2019.