Group Plan - It's All About Jesus!

Message Text: John 5:31-40
Message Theme: Life is found in Jesus. The Bible serves as a witness to Jesus. It point us to Him for the life found in His name.

Group Discussion Questions

  1. The classic Christmas movie, Home Alone, features a family who was so focused on their trip they left a son at home.
    Have you ever experienced a special occasion (birthday, graduation, wedding, etc.) when there was so much focus on the event itself that the person of importance was relegated to secondary importance?
    How do we fall into that trap?
    How do we avoid it?
  2. When you hear the word "witness," what comes to mind?
    What are the attributes of a good witness?
  3. Read John 5:31-40.
    What is surprising about Jesus' words to the Pharisees in this passage?
    What is Jesus trying to challenge?
  4. How do you believe this message might be relevant for the American church today?
    Have you been guilty of the very thing Jesus challenges the Pharisees on?
    How so?
  5. Read John 1:6-9.
    What comparison do you see between the role of John the Baptist and the purpose of Scripture?
  6. What danger is there in diminishing the role of Scripture in the church?
    What danger is there in elevating the role of Scripture in the church?
  7. Is it possible to make the Bible an idol?
    How would we know?
  8. How did the early church thrive without the Bible for the first 300 years?
    How might that be instructive for life in the 21st Century?
    Why are we blessed to have Scripture?
    What advantage do we have today?
  9. What is your biggest takeaway from the sermon this week?
    How might you apply that takeaway to your life?