Group Plan - Innocence Betrayed

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Message Text: Luke 22:66-23:25
Message Theme: Evil lurks and conspires against God and his kingdom. Rather than becoming unsuspecting actors in Satan's tactics, an awareness of Satan's schemes allows us a prime opportunity to subvert his plans and promote truth and justice for all.

Group Discussion Questions

  1. Tell about a time when an employer, institution, or authority figure betrayed you and didn't follow through on your expectations?
  2. How has that moment (and others like it) impacted your relationship with other authority figures or institutions in your life?
  3. Read Luke 22:66-23:25. In what ways did Jesus experience betrayals from unexpected places in this story?
    How did he face injustice?
  4. Why do you believe Jesus chose to respond to his charges the way that he did? What can we learn from the way he responded?
  5. Have you ever seen a mob mentality develop like the scene in Luke 23:18-25?
    Tell the story about that experience?
    Were you caught up in it?
    How does a crowd of strangers move together in destructive ways?
    What forces do you believe are behind this?
  6. In Luke 4:13, Satan promised he would return at "an opportune time."
    In Luke 22:3, Satan shows up by entering Judas. How do you see Satan's activity in the story beginning in Luke 22:3 and continuing through 23:25?
    What can we learn about how Satan works through this story?
  7. Collin mentioned that Satan works in 3 primary ways: He deceives, divides & destroys.
    How have you seen Satan effectively do those 3 things in your life and in the life of those around you?
    How can we defend ourselves against this process?
    (Hint: Pay attention to Jesus in Luke 4 & Paul's words in Ephesians 6:10ff)
  8. What actions should followers of Jesus be ready to take when we notice unjust systems betraying people around us?
    What personal response should we have to individuals who are hurt?
    What response should we have to unjust systems in the world around us?